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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Looking For Lingerie?

Anyone who hasn't seen an Avon catalog lately doesn't know what they are missing! No, it's not your mother's Avon anymore! Today Avon has moved into the homes (and pocketbooks) of the daughters of the Avon customers of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 1980s.  In fact a few tweens have been found buying Avon with their extra cash.  But this month Avon has some luscious lingerie perfect for celebrating Valentine's Day.

Without the high price point of Victoria's Secret, Avon customers can have more lingerie and a greater variety of it.  Why not surprise him every night of the week?  And if you're shopping for a trousseau... well, nuff said.  You'll knock him dead.  Order you lingerie online to be sure you get it in time for Valentine's Day and before it sells out.  These are knock outs you'll want to own.  Avon's lingerie comes in a variety of sizes for your comfort and best fit.

Avon even has boxers for him for Valentine's Day. What man doesn't want some black boxers with some pink lips? OK, OK, so don't buy them for your dad.... but why not have fun on Valentine's Day? To order your Avon lingerie (and other Avon products online, go to Carly's web site and Avon will direct ship them to your door.)

Or how about some sexy thongs specially designed for Valentine's Day with a heart shape in the front?

Interested in some cologne or perfume? Avon has a large selection of scents for both men and women. Why not try the new his and hers scents called "Infinite Moment?" Or their other new scent "Step Into Sexy"? Perfect for Cupid's day.  One designed for him, one for her.  Or one of the latest scents from Fergie?  Or Reese Witherspoon? Avon certainly has romance covered!

Don't forget to buy some hot red nail polish or some wild red lip gloss or lipstick to drive him wild.  Yes, Avon is so NOT your mother's Avon anymore! Wild, romantic, and easy to access...Avon online, even easier than your representative.

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