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Sunday, January 1, 2012

And The Bride Used QR Codes

This QR or Quick Response Code was generated for use on the back of my business cards.  It doesn't have a special offer or other additional information, but that doesn't mean you can't add one. 

For those of you unfamiliar with QR codes, these codes let your cell phone take a quick photo of the QR code and it takes you to the web page or gives you additional information about the person or company who generated the code.  Try the one above, it gives you a little more information. 

How can a bride use these QR codes?  Why not hand out cards to your guests with the photographer's QR code so they can view your photos online?  Fast, easy, and so simple (at least for the tech savvy guests!).  A heads up, warn your guests ahead of time so they have a reader on their phone for the QR codes.

Who else can use QR codes? Wedding vendors find QR codes are a useful tool too.  An easy way to put a lot of info on a business card or to hand out information at a bridal show.  If you're at a bridal show and running a giveaway, have the bride tweet about your business to enter and you'll have a blast of tweets all over the web.  Add another entry when they post on Facebook about you.  The options are endless!  You can offer a discount code embedded in your QR code so that brides who take the time to check out your QR code will find a pleasant surprise.  And what bride doesn't love a way to save money?

What would you put in your QR code?  Hmmm... possibilities are endless.

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