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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hairdos For Brides

Mostly Braids With A Bonus!

These hairdos for brides are mostly braids but I just couldn't resist the one bride with the long, tumbling locks!

Photo courtesy of Wesley on Pinterest and Ming's Tumblr

This braided beauty shouts bridal! Flowers at the base of the 'do' add a little something extra.  Perfect for a bride, I especially like it for a spring or summer bride.

Looking for a simpler look? Try this curving braid.  See how it winds around her head, would look great under a veil or with a simple flower in her hair.

I don't know who Wesley Cargile is, but he has superb taste in bridal hair! Why do I get the feeling he loves blonds with long hair? That's OK Wesley, we forgive you your bias, these are GREAT hairdos for blonds or brunettes!

Don't forget to check our previous post on braids.  More ideas! And yet more braids on brides!  Some are even great for your flower girl.  

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