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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Golden Eggs At Your Wedding

Looking for a unique way to be sure your guests are talking about the food at your wedding for weeks?  Try serving desserts in these pretty golden egg shells by Confiseur. 

Too hard to make your own? I agree, so head over to FancyFlours website.  The folks at Confisuer sterilize and finely cut them so they have a perfect edge.  (Something you and I would have a tough time duplicating!) 
Shells come in gold, silver, a natural white, or brown.  They are perfect for hot or cold fillings, sweet or savory and almost anything you can think of!

What a stunning way to present tiny candies or to present your desserts.  Add some creme puff filling, some phyllo dough dipped in chocolate and wow your guests.  The eggs come in a set of 10 perfectly cut egg shell vessels. They aren't inexpensive but ... you only get married once!

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