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Monday, January 23, 2012

"Dead Flowers Aren't Your Fault..."

"Who you order them from is."  This is the tag line on Kabloom, a floral delivery site online.  Kabloom advertises themselves as 'the only florist in America who delivers their flowers in water.' Whether you order from Kabloom or your local florist, THIS is why you need a florist.  Ordering flowers is not simple. Leave it to the experts!

If you're a bride planning on designing and making your centerpieces and bouquets yourself, keep their saying in mind.  Ordering flowers is tricky. Choosing who to purchase them from can be trickier yet. And when you're making the centerpieces and bouquets yourself you need to have a reliable source who can help you out if your flowers 'go south.' As a DIYer it's unlikely you have that source.

What's the difference between buying or ordering flowers from your local grocery store and a florist ordering them? Your florist orders his flowers from quality sources and he'll guarantee them.  Usually flowers from your florist should last a week, maybe more.  Your local '**stop and shop?'. No guarantee.  They may not have been shipped to the store in water, so they're already losing quality before you buy them.

Come on. This is your wedding. Your once in a lifetime wedding.  Go with a florist.  Give yourself a day in your life to be pampered and treated like a queen. Can't afford a florist for 'the works?' At least be sure your bouquet comes from a florist. It doesn't have to be huge, it doesn't have to be fancy, it should be quality.  Hey, you're marrying a quality groom right? Often you can find a florist who can work with you without price gouging.

Keep in mind if you're getting married around Valentine's Day your flower prices will automatically go up.  You won't be able to score a winter wedding discount, even though it is February. So plan ahead. Pick you date with care. And get your flowers from a florist not the grocery store.

**(this name is totally made up, no a reference to any store that could have that name)


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Nancy said...

Thanks for your comment. Tried to visit your blog, something must be down, will try again later. Plants ARE calming when they aren't wilting!

online florist said...

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Nancy said...

Thanks for the comment online florist. I just hate to see any bride in tears over drooping flowers!