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Monday, January 2, 2012

Peacock Feathers and Succulents

Like peacock feathers? Some brides have the panache to pull it off.  Planning on incorporating the peacock feathers into your wedding reception?  How about a placemat made out of feathers?  Just place them under your cupcake holder and they'll form a circular placemat.  Worried they'll get out of place? Glue them to a circular placemat and they'll stay perfectly in place.

Looking for another way to add peacock feathers to your wedding?  Just add them to your menu and place it on top of the napkins at each placesetting.  Trim the feathers so they fit the pocket at the bottom of your menu holder and it's a decorative but easy to make (and very DIY) projects. 

Want to add peacock coloring to your centperpieces? Choose a set of old leather bound books in graduated sizes and use two rectangular vases wrapped in blue and bronze ribbons at each end as bookends.  Simple, easy, and very DIY!

Add peacock colors and feathers to your bouquets but just a touch is enough.  Add ribbons to match the ribbons on your vases for the centerpieces above in bronze and peacock blue and you have a peacock theme wedding without overdoing it.

All photos courtesy of: Erin McFarland Photography/Wedding of Aaron and Jen

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