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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Parasols and Fans - A Romantic Wedding

Fall in love with this delicate lace parasol and matching lace fan. Fans and parasols come in variety of colors, sizes and designs. From virginal white to a sexier black, brides can choose the perfect parasol and fan for their wedding day.

Expecting warm weather? Why not carry a pretty lace fan as well? The perfect way to keep that hot air moving around in an old fashioned but romantic way? So much nicer than an electric fan.

Get parasols and fans for every female in the bridal party. From the bride down to the bridesmaids (or even the mothers of the bride and groom.)


Lace Umbrellas said...

I could not agree more! These umbrellas are a hit whenever they show. I'd say parasol over sun hat any day of the week!

Nancy said...

Agree Lace Umbrellas, check out this photo: the perfect use for lacy parasols.

Lace Umbrellas said...

What another amazing photo! Thank you so much for sharing!

Nancy said...

Thanks for reading and commenting Lace Umbrella!