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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Brides Who Braid

Source: Chictopia

Looking for a casual but cool look for a summer wedding? How about this double French braid? I love braids for brides as you can see if you check out some of my other wedding hairstyle posts! I think it's the result of always having short hair so NEVER having braids myself! Now that I can live vicariously, I'm luvin' the braided looks!

Source: I Know Hair

Like more of an up do look? Try this braided look. Never let it be said there aren't a lot of options for brides wearing braids!

Source: is source posted on Pinterest by Claire Swan

Which braids do you love? Tell us which you'd wear and why. Or if you have another favorite for your wedding (or other special occasion) let us know!


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Nancy said...

Thanks for the comment Wedding band Ireland! You are so right. Unless you are a total wiz definitely hire someone, if only so you can relax! (and look great in those wedding pics!)

wedding hairstyle said...

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Nancy said...

Thanks for your comment wedding hairstyle! Am always happy to hear from my readers. Hope you find more to enjoy in my blog.