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Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's Too Hot To Work on Wedding Planning, So What To Do?

How hot was it today? Too hot to do any wedding planning! So what did I do? I headed for Mad Mex in Willow Grove! Dinner time was the time for some great Cal-Mex food! The heat in the food cooled me off, and if you head to Mad Mex you can also enjoy their Big Azz Margaritas or great craft beers for some additional cooling.

We lucked out, it was my husband's birthday and Mad Mex had sent him a coupon for a free burrito! Mad Mex doesn't just serve a burrito, no it serves a BIG AZZ Burrito! I've never seen a burrito that big in my life! (Our waitstaff, Tasha, very nicely boxed it up for him to bring home ) (I'm hoping he's not eating it for breakfast in the morning!)

Manager Dave greeted us and welcomed us to Mad Mex. I can't remember the last time I saw a manager who was so on top of everything happening in the restaurant. He was working hard to be sure all his guests had a great experience at Mad Mex. And everyone from the hostess to the waitstaff and bus persons were all working hard to get everyone their food and anything else that needed refilling ( those Big Azz Margaritas or beers!)

I know it's going to be another hot again today and tomorrow, so if you are looking for a way to avoid cooking at home head to Mad Mex to cool off, locally in University City and Willow Grove.

Personally recommend the jumbo shrimp fajitas! Like the burrito, it was a huge serving! These certainly could feed you for more than one meal! By all means wrap half up and take it home! Ordering a side salad? Beware the cilantro lime dressing, it's super hot (at least to this New Jersey wimp!) I'll skip salad next time and just enjoy my entree.

So if you are looking for a fun destination for tomorrow where you can cool off and enjoy some great food, head to your local Mad Mex! And enjoy!


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Nancy said...

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