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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Why You Need Dollar Store DIY Projects

Dollar Sign From My Lot

I've been hooked on Dollar Store projects lately! I know, I know, the Dollar Store (and others like it) are hazardous to your finances. You go in to get one thing (and to spend under five dollars) and all of a sudden you leave with a cart load of stuff you really don't.  (And you thought you were going to SAVE money?)

This is just why it's necessary to have some DIY Dollar Store Projects. Whether the projects are for your wedding, your home, or to use as gifts, the Dollar Store is almost better than your local craft store as a place to pick up crafting supplies! 

Now the unfortunate thing is I have had years to accumulate 'stuff' from the Dollar Store, so not only will you get hit with great new projects (from my newest finds) but you'll find some that I've finally managed to use that I purchased years ago! It was you or the garage sale, and garage sales are SO much WORK!

So look for lots of new Dollar Store projects, on all my blogs.  Just in case you are like me and have been hoarding 'finds' from the Dollar Store for years and need to clear out the closet share your favorite Dollar Star projects with readers too! Comments always welcome!

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