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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tulle Tied Wedding Shoes

Source: via Kristi on Pinterest

Tulle tied wedding shoes? Oh yes! Yes, I admit, I am in love with SHOES! Heels, flats, boots, sandals it just doesn't matter, any kind will make me happy! But I admit to having a weakness for pretty shoes.

Yes I love the comfort of my Keens (the world's most comfortable shoes (and sandals) but these pretty white shoes above are just perfect for the bride! What wedding doesn't need yards of tulle? And these shoes add to the tulle yardage!

As one reviewer said " The tulle wrap around the ankles is very unique and reminds me of pointe shoes" and she's so right!

If you've been searching for the perfect shoe for your wedding (even if you do need to add some comfort padding on the inside due to the heel height) this pair of Auroral Vapor Heels are a great option. (But if you need some comfortable walk-around sandals for your honeymoon, try the Keens!)


Practical Wedding Favors said...

Tulle Tied Wedding Shoes are gorgeous!

Fast Flats

Nancy said...

I know, I totally fell in love with them! It's a good thing I'm not planning a wedding right now, I'd have a whole closet full of shoes! These included!

Kristina - Wedding Photography CT Western MA said...

Beautiful wedding shoes. I love it! Thanks for sharing this post to us.

Nancy said...

Glad you like them Kristina. Shoes are one of my passions! I would have as many as Imelda Marcos if I had the $$! Ah well! Bloggers aren't that well paid! But love the tulle shoes!

Wedding Sandals said...

Well this is a wonderful for shoes for wedding.Thanks for this wonderful idea.

Nancy said...

I totally loved them, so thought I'd share, thanks for reading! More to come!