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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Why Brides Shop Online (And I Do Too!)

Why have I joined my bride readers in spending most of my shopping dollars by shopping in online stores? It saves us both time and money! Things we are all short on these days. Are you?

My brides are wedding planning plus holding down full time jobs, and balancirg relationships between their own families, a new family and their spouse to be!  I'm working a full time job and writing 20+ blogs, am a freelance writer, and have a direct sales job with my daughter, and am in charge of the care and feeding of a husband, so yes we are ALL busy.

We have each learned that shopping online is not only fast and easy, it is saving us $$! A lot of dollars! Something that always puts a smile on our faces! And a smiling woman means whole families are smiling!

But one of the often overlooked ways to save yet MORE money online is by using promotion codes. Sometimes a business you follow or have previously purchased from will send you codes in your email. But if you are buying from a new business or one you have not previously purchased from, then head over to Promotion Code. not only lists promotion codes but it has a page where you can SIGN UP to have them emailed to you (just so you don't miss a great buy or in this case a great web page?)

So whether you're a bride buying her trousseau, a busy editor juggling one too many blogs, or just a busy mom who wants to save money when she shops, Promotion Code's web site will help you save as many $$ as possible.

Think how much gas money you save by shopping from your keyboard or cell phone with the high prices for gas today! And I love being able to comparison shop online before I push that button to charge my Visa or Paypal account! 

If you are already (yes ALREADY thinking about your holiday shopping, be sure to sign up for your favorite stores at so you get all the most up to date codes (and so you can share some you find with your online friends.) And so you can say in September, "I'm finished my holiday shopping and saved 50% over last year!" Wouldn't that be great?  Just think, you'll have all those months to really enjoy you holidays this year. No more worrying over budgets. No more rush at the last minute. You'll have everything wrapped by October! All thanks to and their help with saving you money by shopping online! So whether you are wedding shopping or holiday shopping, heat to and get started now!

**This blog post is a paid promotional post. The opinions in it are my own and not influenced by or any other corporate entity or by my payment.

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