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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ten Ways To De-Stress On Your Wedding Day

Wedding Day Weekly's Top Ten Tips For Brides
How to De-Stress On Your Wedding Day

Wedding Days. Stressful? Who knew? Of course we all know that your wedding day will have plenty of stressors so WDW made this handy dandy list of way to de-stress your wedding day so you can have a calm and happy wedding day! Ah! Feeling better already aren't you? Just having a list helps you de-stress!
  1. Go to your rehearsal the night before and don't be afraid to ask questions if you have a concern about what's happening, when, or where. Remember, your teachers always told you there are no stupid questions? That's definitely true at your rehearsal. Then enjoy your rehearsal dinner but don't get trashed. A headache and hangover are not how you want to experience your wedding day.
  2. Having worries before you go to bed? Just make a list and put it beside your bed. That way your brain can relax and let you get a good rest, knowing the list will be there in the morning. Other suggestions? Add worries to a "worry jar" and let the jar spend the night worrying (it doesn't have to look pretty for pictures tomorrow!)
  3. Allow yourself plenty of time to get ready in the morning. In fact, give yourself time for a calming cup of tea before your day starts. Some alone time to regroup for the day ahead. And eat breakfast! You don't have to pig out but you'll feel better if you eat something. And you won't have a headache from not eating later (or end up drunk on that first glass of champagne!)
  4. In you can't invest in a day of coordinator, then plan who is going to be the designated 'errand person' the morning of your wedding. There will be dozens of last minute details that someone needs to handle. Having a designated 'runner' will let everyone relax, they'll know who to contact if something is off kilter.
  5. Being organized ahead of time will let the people helping you work efficiently. Have floor plans on where to put everything from place cards, the guest book, your gift table, wedding favors and cake table. A sample table design photo would be helpful as well. This way people don't have to constantly ask you questions while you are in the middle of getting ready. You can, dare I say it, relax?
  6. If you can't encourage guests to ship gifts ahead of time, you'll have a gift table to deal with.  Designate a good friend or family member to take charge of the wedding gifts. And have your gift table in a safe area where no one can just walk in the door and waltz off with your wedding gifts! Unfortunately there have been occasions lately when wedding gifts have been stolen right from the reception. If you have someone keeping watch then you don't have to worry about it. They'll also be in charge of getting the gifts to either your home or your parents' home after the wedding.
  7. Wear comfortable shoes for your reception! If you must wear those $700 shoes to walk down the aisle but they pinch your toes and kill your back, bring a pair of lower heels or ballet flats to your reception. Some brides even opt for flip flops.  Oh, and break in your shoes before the wedding! Scuff up the bottoms (so you don't go sliding down the aisle) and get used to walking gracefully in the heels.
  8. Put someone in charge of clothing. Both of your going away outfit and of bringing home your wedding gown. And most important, do not forget to bring shoes for your going away outfit. Why do I say that? I admit, I forgot at my wedding! It was not my best fashion statement as I left my wedding! So choose someone, your maid of honor or favorite cousin or aunt are good choices.
  9. Have an emergency kit. Spare hose, clear nail polish, makeup for touch ups, a needle and thread and safety pins, some Shout wipes for stains, and a spare tuxedo shirt. There is nothing worse than wedding photos where the groom had some of that great buffet and got a huge spot of sauce on his tuxedo shirt! The extra tuxedo shirt is one of my favorite emergency tips!
  10. Remember, this is YOUR wedding day. Don't be a diva but this is one day when you are permitted to let someone else field the problems and handle things like tips for the vendors. Your job is to look beautiful and smile! Let someone else deal with the details today. You can return the favor for them another time.
So de-stress your day and enjoy it! You want to see photos of a smiling bride not a harried and worried one. Relax, enjoy, oh yes, and something WILL go wrong, expect it and laugh it off. It may end up being one of the most memorable parts of your wedding years later. A sense of humor is a bride's greatest asset!

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