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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lacy Look For Weddings Isn't Expensive!

Baby's Breath? Use it as a 'breathtaking' centerpiece! Seen here in Style Me Pretty, these huge tall vases filled with these delicate white flowers will 'take your breath away!' OK, so I couldn't resist that...

You can also make bouquets using baby's breath. This flower is so delicate and wispy that it easily lends itself to delicate and lacy wedding looks.

The question is not can you make these simple bouquets or centerpieces, the question is do you WANT to be doing that the night before your wedding or on the morning of your wedding. Personally it would not be my choice (I'd rather pull an extra part time job to pay the florist). But that's me. Some people to do not have my 'black thumb of death' when it comes to flowers, and face it, I'd rather kick back and relax if I get a few extra minutes than be worrying about flowers.  DIY or not to DIY? This is a question  only you can answer.

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