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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Flower Girls Inspiration Board

Inspiration Board for flower girls from Marilyn Keepsakes Blog Photos all found on via (from top to bottom, left to right) YourSparkleBox, sharpsissors, sharpsissors, YummyPhotoProps (inset), BellaBeanCouture, YummyPhotoProps, MeadowLion1120 and OliviaKateCouture

Do you want your flower girl to steal the show at your wedding? Do you care? If you care, beware some of these very 'outre' looks for your flower girls. While the tiny hats are cute, and the wings are adorable (if a little bit more Halloween than wedding) they will grab all the attention for the flower girl at your wedding.

Plan the look you want for your flower girl and decide if your ego can take all your guests fondest memories of  your wedding the look of your flower girl, not the bride and groom. There is no right way, just the right way for YOU.

Like actors who say 'never work with dogs or kids' many brides feel the same way. Decide how you feel and go with it!

If you decide to go for the 'wild child' flower girl one of the best places to shop (when it's not Halloween season) is  At any given time Etsy has nearly 40,000 tutus for little girls in stock, so head over and find your favorite look. Looking to add wings or hats, just run an Etsy search and you'll find a supply of those as well. Don't be afraid to ask a vendor about custom colors, most Etsy artisans are happy to work with you.


florist online said...

Some very adorable flower girls photographs. The flower girls makes the occasion delightful and steals all the attention in the wedding.

Nancy said...

I know, but they are sooo adorable! I just cannot resist posting cute photos of children in weddings! Thanks for reading and commenting. Be sure to read my other blogs, go to WDW(Wedding Day Weekly)Blogging for Brides (http://theweddingqueen.blogspotcom), the links are at the lower right corner.